Friday, June 15, 2007

A few shots of us

Here are a few shots of us from the last few days. Kerwin had a good day today and has fallen right to sleep as usual. He worked some in his preschool workbook today and looked at a lot of pictures in his sticker book. He learned "pee" and "poop." He played with squirt guns for hours. He learned how to play Cariboo, one of my favorite preschool games. We have it at home but NeNe, Janeil and Heather's little girl, has it here at the mission. Tonight Kerwin took a real, fun bath for the first time. He has always been thrown in, thrown out and dried off. And where we are staying now, we don't have a bath we just have a shower so we have been sticking his feet in the sink and washing with a washcloth. It was fun to watch him in the tub. We threw in a few toys and things. At first it was like he didn't get it. He thought that maybe he had to wash the toys or something. I kept telling him to sit down and play. I think he was getting it toward the end. That's about it for today.


Anonymous said...

Great photos. Send Kerwin over to our house we'll put all our dishes in the bath tub with him. Put him to work. Mom, Dad, Tyler and I went to Icthus tonight to see Newsboys. It was fun, I'm sure Mom will tell you all about it. I'm tired and going to bed. I haven't gotten much sleep lately because there have been too many things to do. I wanted to send some Rincon down with the lady who who is leaving tomorrow, but Mom said she didn't have enough room in the suitcase. Who needs medicine and shoes anyway? What has happened to your priorities? Love Ya. Tell the boys I said hi.

PS. have not bitten my nails in a long time. They are staring to get really long.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that he had never been in a bath tub and allowed to play. What a treat to see him enjoying such a simple thing for the first time. Icthus was dusty, and loud but I enjoyed both bands. I don't remember the name of the first band. Some word and then the letter K?? But They were good. Nice harmonies. News Boys were good as always and his message was longer but better than ever. He's turning into a preacher. Your car is done. We may pick it up today if we get it in gear here this morning.