Thursday, June 28, 2007

News, News!

I spoke with Barbara our contact in Port-au-Prince last night. She is going to try to get us an appointment with the USCIS for next week. We are planning to go to the capitol this coming Tuesday. We will stay with Barbara and take care of some business while we are there. Kerwin's birth parents will also be coming along because they need to go through an interview process. The Haitian paperwork is not complete so we do not know at this point if we will stay in Port-au-Prince until all of that is done and then leave from there, or if we will go back to St. Louis for a while and the return when everything is finished. It will all depend on what we find when we get there: how quickly is the process going, what are the accommodations and the environment like, etc.

Last night we talked with the man from the mission who arranges the flights. Today we spoke with Kerwin's birth mother and they are all set to come with us. They are probably going to stay here at the mission the night before as we may be leaving early in the morning and we would feel better knowing that they were already here. We bought a Haitian cell phone today. They are all prepaid phones here. With the phone and a 20 minute phone card we paid $150 Haitian which is a little over $20 American.

We are very excited but it is somewhat difficult now that the staff here knows that we are going. They will surely miss Kerwin even though they are happy for him. We will keep you posted as things change and I'm sure they will. I plan on talking with Barbara tomorrow to firm up travel plans and appointments. Please, please keep the prayers coming. We will need them as much as ever.


Anonymous said...

My oh my!! The Lord's clock is moving and you must be excited as you live out the unfolding of His plan. I'm remembering all those Patriarchs who just went.... not knowing where! So, you are making plans and praying and making plans and praying and all the while He is keeping you in His palm and directing your every move. You can take that to the bank!! Trust Him more than you've ever trusted Him and we will, too. I believe He wants you to know with crystal clear faith that He is the One who is making the way straight for Kerwin to be your son. Period. And I pray that He will go ahead to Port-au-Prince to see that all the paperwork is complete and to move along the process for your leaving and homecoming. Father, You are Our Advocate, our Righteous Judge and surely You are able to take care of these legal matters. I pray that You also will be compassionate to Kerwin's birth parents as they realize the finality of their decision. Help them to be even more convinced of the love and well being that Mike and Becky will give to him as parents. Please give Becky and Mike and Kerwin good sleep and strong health for the days ahead. Preserve and protect them from all evil and harm. Give them Your discernment and ability to make decisions based on what You know is best. I pray in Jesus' name. Love and prayers, Pam ps......about that spider.....GROSS!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it sounds like things are starting to happen. I'm glad for the activity there and I'm glad for the quiet evening here. I got to sleep about 2:00 AM last night and had a busy day. I am very tired and going to bed early. After work, I met the window man at your house. I had forgotten that your rooms upstairs had one window on the left and 2 windows on the right. I have ordered replacements for those three. I hope they come in before your return.
Mom is ready and waiting to come down when Kerwin arrives. She will be a big help to us all. She is so excited and proud of you and Mike for making this decision.
I love the video of Kerwin running down the hall. He was moving!! I believe that when you arrived he could manage about three or four steps. I watched it over and over again to see him laugh. Mike has helped him so much just by being a fun Dad. I love to see him on Mikes back. He is so happy up there.
Max is coming back down tomorrow. Diane and Denny are coming down and we are joining them for supper and maybe we can convince them to stay a while for a game or two.
My love to you all.

Lisa said...

This is exciting news....I will be praying for you each step of the way!!!
By the way, I have enjoyed your blog and really love all the pictures....It is so obvious that Kerwin is your son and what a blessing for all of you! Yeah!
Praying for you,