Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A day out

Today started out a bit crazy. We got up and got all ready to go with everybody up to the Baptist Mission where we had gone a few weeks back when we first got to Port-au-Prince. We knew there were going to be quite a few going. When we got over to Barb's place she said that there was not going to be room for us. So we fed Kerwin breakfast and figured we'd wait till everyone else left till we made ours (it's a really small area and a lot of people). We were helping them load up and Johnny said, "Aren't you coming?" And we told him we were but there wasn't enough room. He insisted that there was so we decided to hop in right then and go. We rode in the back with several other people at first and we had Barb's luggage because we were dropping her off at the airport. So after we dropped her off and one more passenger it was just Mike, Kerwin and I in the back of the truck. I wish I had a picture of the truck. In the back there are benches built around the edges and then the whole thing has a big cage around it with a lock. So you kind of look like you're int he paddywagon. However, unlike your typical tap-tap in Haiti, you don't have to worry about falling out at every jostling. (You just have to watch your head).

We had a nice time at the Mission. We ate chicken fingers and french fries and corn on the cob and they even have FOUNTAIN drinks, my favorite (but no fountain Diet Coke). We bought some cookies and banana bread at the bakery and then we took the kids down to see the little zoo. They have fish, birds, rabbits, a goat, an iguana, a monkey, a snake, peacocks, pigeons (yes they were pigeons), and an alligator. Unfortunately, we didn't have a camera because we jumped in the truck in such a hurry. Otherwise we are settling in to life here at Barb's village. We are figuring out where to pump the water, how to get the clean drinking water, where to put our trash, how to flush the toilet, how not to use up all our electricity, and where things are in the "kitchen."

The news yesterday from MOI was this: they are working on it. This is good news but not the news I was hoping for. It it positive because our dossier is working its way through the various offices. At what speed, I have no idea. But Barb does not expect it out until at least next week.

Our friend Andy Olsen, from home has been up at Northwest Haiti Christian Mission for a few weeks and is coming here on Friday to see us. We are very excited to get to hook up with him while he is here. Andy is interested in writing some pieces about Kerwin over the course of the next few years to tell his story. He has come down here to do some research and see what he can of Haiti. We are counting the days till he gets here. It is getting harder and harder for us to be here. After I post this, my next task is to email all the medical appointments that I made for Kerwin and reschedule them because we are not going to make it back for them. Not fun. As usual, Kerwin is taking everything in stride far better than Mike and I. Please pray that we will have the grace to make these days count and not simply wish them away.


Anonymous said...

I tried to send a note last night but apparently it didn't make. Hopefully, this one gets to you. We found a little restaurant here in Russell Springs that has a wifi hotspot. We had a good time with Rob and Shelly yesterday on the lake. Rob skied and we all tubed. Mom and Shelly were a hoot. Today we went trout fishing below the dam. I caught my limit and Mom caught one and then got sunburned and had to quit. Now we are going back to the cabin to cook and eat our fish.
We are glad things are progressing with MOI and hope you get the passport in the next few days. It is also good to hear that Andy will be visiting with you soon.
Got to go now. We will check in again tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a roller coaster you guys are on. We are praying the Lord will continue to give you the strength you need to triumph. As I get older I understand what you mean by making each day count and not just pass the time away. We leave for Nicaragua tomorrow morning so we would appreciate your prayers as well. We are only going for 6 days.
All the moving around you guys are doing could be in preparation for Kerwin when you get him home...but you won't stay at home because you take him to Ohio to see his Grandparents & all over Pennsylvania to see his aunts & uncles & cousins. He'll be all ready to be a world traveler. The thing you will probably have the most trouble with is getting him to stay in a car seat. He is not gonna understand that concept.
Praying you beat us home next week.
May the Lord keep you.

"The Lord upholds all those who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down." Ps. 145:14