Friday, July 13, 2007

Preparing to say goodbye

We packed up Denny's suitcases today with all of his things and some of ours that we are trying to get rid of. We want to be as light as possible when we come home. We have already decided that there's only one thing that we need to bring back home with us and he will have a ticket. Anything else, we will just leave here. Denny leaves tomorrow morning on the first flight out of Port-au-Prince. We will spend one one more day and then head to Barb's on Sunday.

Today was pretty much another vacation day. We played in the pool, played some ball and watched some movies. Kerwin began to entertain himself a little today. He was just getting to do this at the mission and then we left. Now he is beginning to do it here and we are again getting ready to leave. I think he will do great at home with his own room and his own toys.

I met a father and a little boy today that was being adopted. The dad flew in today picked up the kid and was flying out again this afternoon. They had come down in May to do some paperwork and hoping that they might be able to take him home with them but it didn't work out. So this time is was just a real quick trip in and out. I got to talk with him for a while. Barb has actually had a lot of kids leave this week as well. Passports are being made. Just not ours yet. We'll keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

Rachel and I went to toys R us tonight and I couldn't get her out of the store. She just adores all the baby stuff. We got Kerwin his own water wings and a tube because she said the ones he was using at the Hotel were borrowed.
They have the coolest pools. They are blow up pools but an upscale model from the little old ones that we had when you were a kid.
12 feet across and 3 feet deep.
I worked until 6:45 tonight. It was a busy day even though there were no doctors and no patients on my schedule. You just never know what is going to come up.
I am looking forward to next week off with nothing to do by a lake. Our vacation to PA was busy. I came back home exhausted. I just need a good book or two for the lake. Do you have any library book suggestions?
I'm praying the time will just fly by for you until you are home. I'm glad Kerwin is happy and adjusting to each new living situation. And of course we are praying for the Pass Port to come through Monday.
My love to all.