Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Kerwin and grandpa

Just a few shots from today. Kerwin spent a lot of time with Grandpa today. They played a lot of ball and went and got icecream and shared a Coke. Kerwin also watched Air Bud again and played in the pool with Mike. The picture is of him slam dunking the ball. He had pizza for dinner and he played with one of his activity books this evening after dinner.

Tomorrow Barb is going to take us to her village so that Denny can get out of the hotel and see a little bit of PAP. She is also going to have someone check on our progress in MOI. We are still praying that we will be home soon.


Tad said...

I love that last pic, it looks like he is attacking that pizza.


Anonymous said...

Rick went shopping tonight. He was very excited. He got a fishing rod, tackel kit, tackel supplies, a scooby doo life jacket and a winnie and tigger cap for Kerwin. We keep hearing that the fishing at Cumberland has been great. He is sure hoping that holds true for another two weeks.

It would be great if you were back in time to come down to the lake with us. I'll be sure to get fresh Ketchup for your frig. for Kerwin. Your house is clean and nearly ready for your return. Just at few last minute things to do.

Oh, how I wish that PassPort would be ready! I'm glad to hear your thumb is getting better. I think Kerwin was trying to do an air but move in the pool. Great action shot you got there.