Thursday, July 12, 2007

Trip to Barb's

The pictures from today are mostly from Barb's village. The first two are of babies that are going to be adopted. The third is of the lane down the middle of the village. The fourth is Barb's kitchen. Look closely and you'll see a stove and an oven. The last picture is of Kerwin pretending to shoot a basketball. He really wanted us to take a picture of this.

Today we spent the morning playing around the hotel. We had a big game of kick ball and watched some Air Bud. We colored in one of the activity books and Kerwin went on a walk with grandpa.

In the afternoon, Barb came and picked us up and took us to her village. She has a small lane that has several houses on it. She has allowed some homeless women and children come and live in the village. They get food and bathroom facilities and they help out around the village. Sometimes, they will take care of the children that have come from the orphanages if they need to stay with Barb for a while. She also has two American ladies staying with her now helping take care of some babies that are on their way to being adopted. After a tour of the village, we ate dinner and talked for a bit. The Johnny brought us back to the hotel. I'm glad we got to go out today. I was really hoping that Denny could see more of Port-au-Prince than the drive from the airport to the Visa Lodge. I think this did the trick.

While at the village, Barb mentioned that she does not have anyone staying in the guest house. From now until sometime in August it is available. So, we have decided that we are not going to go back to the mission at this time. Instead, we are going to stay here in Port-au-Prince with Barb. It seems to make the most sense for getting home sooner. If we go away, it can only slow things down. Staying with Barb will give us an opportunity to be "close to the action" as far as the adoption process goes but we will also have opportunities to serve in Barb's village. Her next big project is to stuff dozens of backpacks to give away to children. I think this would make a great family project. So, as of Sunday, vacation is over. We will be leaving our home at the Visa Lodge and going to stay in a "new room." This is what we tell Kerwin every time we move. We hope that this will be the last "new room" until we get home. However he is resilient and much more content than we are in the current situation. We plan to go back to MOI next week and show our faces again to see if it will help to speed up the signature process (we need our dossier signed by 4 different offices within MOI before it gets out of there). We feel good about this decision now that it has been made. We are hopeful that this will be the best route for getting home soon. As always, we covet your prayers during this time of transition. Until next time...


Anonymous said...

Dear Becky, Mike and Kerwin,

There's a relief in making a decision with the Lord's wisdom, isn't there? It's obvious you are resting in His peace. And I'm glad!!

Once again, I'm blessed that you are looking for ways to serve. That sense of giving and helping someone else surely is helping to sustain you in the waiting. Thank you for including news and pictures of the very different from America....that would be an understatement. Anyway, thank you for representing America so well and with integrity and humility. You are wearing Jesus with transparency and allowing His love to draw people to Him. I'm proud to call you brother and sister and pray you will continue to serve and give your all for the sake of the kingdom.

I will continue to pray big prayers for miracles in a place that so desperately needs his hope and salvation. May you receive his strength and provision as you trust him for all our needs. Father God, bring this family home as soon as your perfect time allows. In Jesus' name.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad this opportunity came up with Barb. I was afraid of what Kerwin might think if you returned to the mission. His trust and understanding are still so new and fragile.
Praise the Lord for one more open door. The time at the hotel was a much needed rest.
I hope you continue to heal. Be careful with your hands. If you can find some cloth gloves, just wear them while doing chores to protect your hands.
I am more content waiting knowing you are better. We miss you terribly but know you are right where the Lord wants you at this time.
My love to all,

Shannon Marshall said...

Mike, Rebecca, and Kerwin,

I hope you are all doing wonderfully and rejoicing in the joy of family more everyday!

It's great to hear that Rebecca is feeling better, I definitely feel her pain. I have returned to the states now, I am in Florida and have been at the doctor non-stop! It's crazy! Including a broken tail bone! Haha! But with God's provision hopefully I will be on the road to recovery soon, I have been through numerous tests now so it's jut a matter of getting those back and getting the right medications for whatever I have.

How are things coming with the adoption? I miss seeing Kerwin's daily. I've struggled so much with leaving Hailey and Hannah, it wasn't easy. My last night putting them to bed was definitely the hardest and I think of them all day long.

I can't wait to share some tortilla soup with you at home in KENTUCKY!!

God Bless! I Love you all!

Shannon Marshall

Tyler said...

Tell Kerwin his shot looks a lot better than mine!
Still praying for you guys and hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

As I read your postings I see God's hand all over your precious family. He knows exactly what He is doing. I see Kerwin getting to go through this process at a pace that is probably exactly what he needs, even though it is not quick enough for you. He's getting to adjust step by step. As your mom said, he is learning to trust you and Mike. He will need that foundation when he comes to the states. In the meantime, God is going to continue to draw others to Himself through your faithful service. He won't waste a moment.

In one of the studies I did with Beth Moore, she made a point that so beautifully describes you and Mike. If the Bible were still be written today for publication, Hebrews 11:41 would read, "By faith, Mike and Becky .......". You would definitely be included in that great chapter of heroes of the faith.

Thanks for sharing it all with us. You are an encouragement to all of us. Rest in His mighty arms as He continues to go before you dear sister.

Praying for you!
Debbie Brownlow