Saturday, July 14, 2007

A vacation from vacation

Tomorrow we will leave for Barb's. Hopefully, we will become immersed in meaningful work and before we know it our passport will be ready and we will be heading home. Today we did what we've been doing a lot of eating and swimming. I'm not sure yet what time we will be leaving tomorrow but we haven't packed anything up yet so I think I'll start with a few things tonight. I did some laundry today but it takes so long: washing in the sink, rinsing in the shower, and drying outside on the chair and foot rest from our room.

At Barb's village there is one computer with internet in her office/bedroom. So we will try to work it out to where we get to use it once a day to update this blog and check our email. However, we won't be checking it three times a day and be online chatting all the time like we have been here. Hopefully we'll write soon with lots of new information. Until then...


Anonymous said...


I log on everyday to see your progess and pray for your family to be home soon. Just wanted to know that I have been thinking of you and enjoy seeing what you post daily.

Anonymous said...

Well you can see I am not an expert at this. The previous comment was me, but I forgot to sign my name. Keep good thoughts, I pray you are home soon.

Penny Hughes
Community Action Council