Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Hello from Port-au-Prince!

We have arrived safely in Port-au-Prince. We are staying at a local hotel that is pretty nice. We have had a long day traveling so we are ready to go to bed, but we will be sure to give a full update tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Becky, Mike and Kerwin,
I hope your stay is fun and interesting. Just as you joined in at the mission, I hope you can find an ave. of ministry in Port-au-Prince so the time will go by quickly.

Be careful with Kerwin around the pool. I doubt he understands the concept of deep water and what it does to you. Maybe you can teach him to swim. Watch out. The chlorine may not be good for his or your skin.
Max is upset tonight with all the fireworks. I could not get him to settle down. He just barked and barked (inside the house). Rick was in the basement with Rachel and Tyler watching a movie. When he finally came up, he had more success with him than I did.

Heather and Ricky Teachey came by the office yesterday. Angel's brother was with them also. What great kids. It was fun to see them so grown up. Of course I had to tell them all the news from Haiti.

I'm glad you made it safe to Port-au-Prince. I'm glad you have a nice hotel and Kerwin is fine.

As always, you're in our prayers.

Jamsie said...

I was so thankful that Kerwin's parents traveled with you and that you are all in a nice hotel in P du P. Take care of each other. I will pray that the paperwork will be speedy! God be with you.

Anonymous said...

we are praying for you we love you.
Tyler and Rachel