Thursday, July 5, 2007

a productive day

Today was a productive day. We had 2 meetings, one with the US immigration which included an interview with the birth parents and also a physical for Kerwin that is needed by US immigration. Both of those went very smoothly despite having to wait around for a long time at both of those. Tomorrow we will go into the Haitian Ministry of Interior to try to get our papers processed there. Please pray that we can get out of this office quickly. Once we can do that, we will be very close to bringing Kerwin home! After our interview and physical, we came back and swam for a couple hours. Kerwin absolutely loves the pool! We took some pictures today and hopefully we can post those soon.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Becky, Mike and Kerwin,
We are praying for the Lord to make the way smooth with the remaining paperwork and "officialness"! May He handle every detail in His perfection and love for the sake of His glory and honor. Hasn't He been so good to provide all the experiences you've enjoyed before coming home? And now swimming.....every little kid's joyand fun! And a nice hotel and restaurant. And Mike's Dad being there with you. Seems like He's refreshing you in the midst of big-time stress. Makes me get a little teary eyed realizing how He is loving you through the whole process with such tenderness and care.

I'm assuming your hands are healing and you're feeling better....Yeaaaa again!!

We've had a really busy and nice week with all our family in town. Got rained out of the July 4th Legends game but went back last night to a double-header...11/4 and 6/2. Go Legends! Two Pa. grandsons had a great time being in a game to win passes to The Beach. One pitched water balloons and the other one was the batter! Lots of fun even through the other team won.

Summer is about half over and I'm determined to get some lazy- do-nothing-'s that for a goal!!

Getting so excited for your news of everything in order to be able to leave!