Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Staying home (away from home)

The pictures are of Kerwin helping with the backpacks, the pump where we get the wash water, the cage on the back of the truck, Mike with some of the kids, and Kerwin playing in the rocks.

Not much news from today. We spent the day here at the village. It was hot in the morning, cooled off in the afternoon and rained like a monsoon this evening. The whole lane is flooded. Yesterday I hired one of the ladies here in the village to do our laundry. This morning, I just had a few things I wanted done so I thought I'd do it myself. I got a big wash basin, my laundry soap and went to the pump. I filled up the basin put in my clothes and soap and started washing. Well, apparently I was not doing a good enough job because the ladies that were sitting near by had to come over and show me how it was done. Eventually, a group of three of them ended up doing it all for me. And man, do they ever scrub those clothes. They used up almost all of my soap, plus used their own and they scour each garment for several minutes. So, I got an education in hand washing today.

Kerwin played outside at the playgroud in the afternoon. We tried to keep him inside this morning as it was so hot. He has learned how to play "Crazy Eights" and we taught some of the other kids to play with us. Also, there has been a young man who has been here at the village helping take care of the children. He is a friend of LaWanna, one of the Americans who is staying here taking care of the babies. His name is Evens and he is also deaf. He loves Kerwin and he plays and talks with him alot. He is a nice kid. He was going to the deaf school here in Port-au-Prince but they tell me it has closed. So now is he is bored. He comes here to help with the babies and do whatever else they ask him to do. Sometimes they pay him a little if he does some manual labor. And he has also got free meals,clothes,and eyeglasses out of the deal. He is helpful with the kids and nice to be around.

We are hoping to take a little road trip tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the prayers. We had a very happy and peaceful day today.


lori said...

have a wonderful time at the village kiss all the kiddos for me as i seem to know them all from going as much as we do ~ tell lawanna that lori shepler said hello & that i can't wait to see her again! ~ love hearing about your days, so keep them coming & we're still praying


Dinah said...

Not much news here. Jordan and Paul left for the Regionals in Indiana. Ed Hambricks team is there as well.

It has rained and stormed here the past couple of days. Guess I will need to mow while Paul is gone.

Tonight I am looking forward to hearing the Tim Couch interview of WVLK. Sounds like he is going to try to get back into the NFL. Should be interesting to hear what he has to say.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

We are back at the little restaurant with 24 soft serve flavors. We are up to number 7. We wanted to try all 24 before the end of the week but we will need help from Rachel, Tyler, and Robyn. We are having a good time. Fished for several hours yesterday in the lake and only caught 2 catfish. We are going back to the trout stream this afternoon to try to get some more. We ate the ones we caught the other day and they were good. We also drove around today and looked at some real estate just for the fun of it. Maybe someday. It has been really hot and humid here as well. There have been a few showers but not anything to interfere with our plans.
It looks like you have settled in at your new home. We are glad things are going well. We assume your hands are doing better, if you are handwashing your laundry. We are waiting for news from MOI and hope it won't be too much longer. We are done with our ice cream, so we need to move on. We will try to get online again tomorrow.
Mom and Dad