Sunday, July 15, 2007

Here at Barbara's

We have arrived at Barbara's. We have moved in and watched a little soccer. I tried to help Barb with a computer problem but we ran into one snag after another. Barb says, and I know this is true,that people don't realize what she has to go through to do the simplest things in Haiti.

We hope to hear some news on our progress in MOI tomorrow. Pray for the best. Sorry to be brief but dinner is ready and I'm borrowing Barb's computer. Love to all.


Anonymous said...

Hi You 3,
Glad to hear of your arrival at Haiti temporary home #3! Kerwin is getting to be quite the traveler, isn't he? And you are getting a huge introduction to traveling with a child!

I'll be praying for great news from MOI and for the Lord to make the way clear for your biggest trip yet....Home to Nicholasville!!

Today was Stephen's 5th birthday and it was a very happy day. Lots of friends at his party, chocolate cupcakes, pudding pops and lemonade. Then water games.....Tim and Mer gave him a 2 wheel bike which he loved riding. (He had outgrown a smaller one and hadn't been able to ride for several weeks).

Tuesday is the last Believing God......the time has gone so quickly. Thank you, again, for loaning us the dvd's. It's been such a powerful study. Katie is planning some special summer treats (including root bear floats!) for after the dvd as a way to bring the study to a close. We keep missing you and will keep praying.

Keep your eyes on Him and look for all the GodStops He's sending your way ~


Anonymous said...

Tyler and I are holding down the fort this week. Mom and Dad are at the lake. Dad left his tackle box at home, so it looks like he will be treating himself to some new gear. Robyn, Tyler and I will be joining them on Friday and Saturday. We are all looking forward to some relaxing time in the sun. Mom said the beds are brick hard and to bring some extra padding with us. Max was happy to see Grandma and Grandpa Haake. He immediately sniffed out some cat toys left behind by Aaron's cats. I think Max misses you. He has been extra affectionate with me.

I am seriously considering coming down with that eye team in January. I filled out the application for a new passport today. Well, I got to go. Tyler and I are going to try to track down Trevor to give him my concert ticket. I don't want to miss bible study AGAIN. The concert is tomorrow evening.

Hope you are all doing well. I am praying for you constantly. Give Kerwin a few extra kisses for me tonight.