Sunday, July 22, 2007

Interview with Andy

We spent the whole day today at Barb's village. This will be our last day with Andy, so he interviewed us this afternoon for a couple hours about the adoption process to give him the information he needs for his story. We are glad he was able to come spend a couple days with us here before he goes home tomorrow. Kerwin had a good day today. He has been playing inside and watched 2 movies (Toy Story and Night at the Museum). We will take Andy to the airport tomorrow morning and hopefully we will find out something from MOI by tomorrow afternoon.


Anonymous said...

We are now officially home from vacation. We just went to Rincon. After that we went to your house to inspect the new windows and pick up mail. You had a bunch there. I will go through it tomorrow to see if there is anything important in the stack.

We had a nice relaxing vacation. One of the advantages of vacationing close to home is that you don't have a long tiring return trip. Denny is bringing Max to our house tomorrow evening.

I am dreading going to the office tomorrow. I left a lot of things undone and I'm sure the stack didn't get ant smaller while I was gone. On top of that, I have to go to a conference at Virginia Tech on Tuesday and won't get home until Thursday night, so I will get even further behind.

We are praying for good news from MOI tomorrow but trying not to get too excited in case the word is "Wait a while longer."

With love,

Anonymous said...

Hey you three!
Just keep your chin up. In no time you will be home and talking about your time in Haiti. We are praying it comes soon too! And, Becky...Happy Birthday! That is one to remember for sure!

The weather is so pleasant right now and over the past weekend. So unlike Ky summer in July.

I have been canning beans and making tomato sauce. The garden is producing decently. We have one at the property and in the backyard. We are planning on teaching Michael and Aimee how to can beans. Maybe James and Nancy too.

James has his girls soccer team in the BGSG this coming weekend. He is excited about his team this year. They were having 2 practices a day for the last week or so. They sure welcomed the cooler weather when it arrived.

Looking forward to seeing you guys when you get home. A specific date is being prayed for for the paperworks to be done and you 3 start plans for coming home.

love you all
Karen and Don