Thursday, July 19, 2007

St. Ard

One of the children that has been staying here at the village needed to get back to the orphanage where he usually stays. So, we went along for the ride as did LaWanna and Ashley, the three babies, another little girl they are watching, and Johnny. It was a full truck but it was better than someone sitting in the cage. St. Ard is about 45 minutes north of the village. The road was actually pretty good by Haitian standards. The compound that the orphanage is on is very nice. It reminds be a bit of the mission at Nortwest Haiti because is has an orphanage, church, school, clinic, and pastor's trainging center. However, it is on a much bigger piece of land and it seems a bit more rural there.

Johnny had a wedding to go to this afternoon so we made it a quick trip and were back home by lunch time. We've been taking easy this afternoon. Kerwin decided he wanted to watch Air Bud again so we've set it up upstairs so the other kids can watch. Mike and I got to read for a little while. We are looking forward to Andy coming tomorrow and are hoping to have Mirlande make an inquiry for us at MOI. Sorry, no pictures from today. We'll keep you updated.


lori said...

love reading your blog, keep it coming!!

lori (

Anonymous said...

Dear Haakes,
I just wrote to the 10 year old boy we sponsor through the Free Meth Ch. and wonder if you've heard of the town he lives in...Magnan, a little north of Gonaives. I found Saintard on my to "see" where you are. Hopefully waiting for news out of the MOI.

"Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, trust also in me (Jesus)".John 14:1

"The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy."
Psa. 126:3

Going to Rachel Russel's wedding tonight!


Anonymous said...

We're back at the Lake & Shore ice cream place. Two new flavors down and only 15 more to go. We are running out of time. I don't think we will accomplish our goal. Rachel, Tyler, and Robyn arrived this afternoon. We tubed, ate dinner, and then fished for about 2 hours. We didn't catch anything but one kept stealing Tyler's bait. The fish are smarter than we are.
It stormed hard last night but it cleared up this morning. Tonight is cool and clear.
Rachel said your new windows have been installed and they look good. Your neighbor was so impressed she may have them replace all of her windows, as well.
We saw a cottage that we really liked near the lake. Mom is going to take Rachel and Robyn to see it tomorrow. It's really cute and brand new. It is a model home and all the furnishings come with it.
Hopefully, we will be able to get on line tomorrow. Then on Sunday we will be heading back home.
We look forward to hearing news about MOI status. Hope your visit with Andy goes well. Good bye for now.

Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Tyler, Rachel, and Robyn

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from all of us here at the lake!
Mom, Dad, Rachel, Robyn, Tyler, Braden and Shanon

PS. check you e-mail

Anonymous said...

Becky, Mike and Kerwin,
We are back home again. We had a nice week by the lake. We swam, boated, fished and played games. We also drove around the area a lot looking at the country side and some of the real estate available for lake side homes.

The lake water is about 40 to 50 feet low but I personally believe it makes the lake a lot more interesting. Instead of seeing solely water and trees, you can now see cliffs and marshes and shorelines and an occasional water fall when it has been raining.

All in all, it was a good week but the cabin was poorly maintained and not worth the price. The folks at the marina were friendly. We saw ducks, geese, wild turkeys (11) deer (4) a blue bird, (rare in these parts) and a fox.

Tomorrow and Tuesday, I am working in the Richmond office. I get Wednesday off and then Thursday and Friday, I am back in my office with a locum Dr. However, if you are returning, we will be there to greet you no matter what the work schedule.

I am craving Rincon, I've been absent for a week and they are probably beginning to worry about me. Roberto asks about you all the time. I can immagine how much you are missing it by now. I've got to learn how to sign Salsa and chips.

We will call and see about getting Max back, Pete misses him. What an adorable little boy on the bench with Kerwin! How sweet that he has play mates.

We keep waiting and praying for good news. Maybe tomorrow?