Monday, July 9, 2007

Life around the hotel

Yesterday, Mike's dad got here. We were very excited to have him. Here are some pictures of Kerwin and his grandpa and Kerwin with his daddy. We told Kerwin that Denny was coming a few days ahead of time. He was very excited about his coming and looked forward to it all day. We went to the airport with Barb to pick him up along with another couple that is coming in to take their kids home. Kerwin an grandpa hit is off right away.

Denny brought Kerwin sunglasses, a watch, some new clothes, a Woody doll, Air Bud, and lots of other cool toys. We watched AirBud today. Kerwin loved it. He watched it very intently. He has enough sign language now that we could explain some of the plot to him but he still loves the action most of all. We knew that this movie would be a hit. His two favorite things to watch are sports and animals. We swam in the pool this morning and Kerwin enjoyed his new tube and beach ball. Tonight we are going to play some games in the room and then head to bed. We go to bed pretty early around here. It gets dark early and light early. Kerwin usually gets to bed around 8:30 and gets up about 7:00. Kerwin is learning how to play "Crazy Eights." He's getting the hang of it. He gets a little distracted while we are playing. I think he really likes the idea of playing the game more than actually playing the game.

No news today on the passport. Please, everyone pray for a miracle in MOI. We want our file to come out of there so badly. If we don't hear much of anything by this week, we will have to start making decisions about whether to stay here in Port-au-Prince or whether we will go back to the mission. We really don't want to have to go back. Please keep the prayers coming. God has heard them and answered so many already. I think that is encouragement to keep asking. Thanks for all the comments from home. They are wonderful at lifting our spirits.


Anonymous said...

We are so glad to here that Kerwin and his grandpa are bonding. I can't wait for my turn! I pray that the rest of your wait will be a time of relaxation and fun for your family. We can't wait to see you. I love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Everyone,
So relieved and glad to know you are feeling better and Mike's Dad arrived safely.....and in typical present-bearing-grandparent-style, I might add!! What fun!!!

Yes, Lord, we are agreeing with this dear family for You to move their paperwork along, to get it out of MOI so they can get the process completed. And while they wait for Your time, supply all the patience, finances, health, joy, hope and peace that they need every minute of every day. Don't let anything rob their joy of being with Kerwin.

Thank You for healing Becky of the muscles spasms and the hand fungus. Continue to protect all of them from any attack from the enemy.

Thank you for the incredible Kerwin is making in so many areas. It's just such an encouragement that You are loving him and bringing about so many blessings.

In Jesus' name.

With love and blessings to you all,

Anonymous said...

Iam just so thankful that Denny arrived safely & that Becky is feeling better.Dad always says I worry enough for the two of us,but it is hard being so far away from all of you.Just hearing Kerwin laugh just makes your day& all the pictures are so wonderful.Just know that loving thoughts are with you all as you let our grandson know how much he is wanted & loved in all our lives already.Love,Mom H.

Anonymous said...

Greeting everyone,
My computer crashed last night just I finished your letter and tried to send it. It was lost in the crash.
Wow!!! A woody doll! How cool is that. I'm so glad Denny has arrived. Give Kerwin a hug for me, Denny. I hope and pray that today will be the day you get his pasport.
I'm going to take Max down to the house today to get him reoriented. Kerwin is just getting stronger and stronger with all the good food and exercise. I love the pictures. Becky we never get to see you in the pictures. Please put one up with you in it. Wishing and praying for God's healing and blessings on you all.
Mom S

Don and Karen said...

Hi guys,
I hope you have been getting our comments. I have seen them posted. Anyway, just in case this one makes have all been in our prayers. We are delighted and thrilled in seeing how the Lord is working thru this entire process. We are uplifting you and the Lord is holding you. Progress is being made, as slow as it can be, but it is progress and we will continue to pray for its completion. Glad to see Denny came to see you all and meet Kerwin. how fun for you all! Glad you are feeling better Becky. We just returned from vacation. Now it's time to readjust to our time zone and get one with our normal routines again. James and his family are in Florida for their second week. Michael and his family joined us for dinner last night. Ryder is really growing and cooing now. Anxious to see the other 2. I know all Kerwins grandparents are ready with open arms to embrass him and love him and shower him with all kinds of attention and gifts. He is a special boy to come to such wonderful families.
Our love to all,
Don and Karen

Anonymous said...

Just want you to know we are praying for you. So glad Becky is feeling better. The pictures are great! It will be wonderful when you get back to Lexington and we can see your cute little son in person.

Cindy & Jeff