Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sight-seeing and my birthday party

These pictures are all from yesterday. The first is the President's Palace. The second is of Kerwin playing at the village. The third one was to try to show how dirty Kerwin was after playing at the village. I don't know if it will come out as bad as he really was.

Yesterday was another good day. We left early for the airport to pick up our friend Andy. What we didn't realize was that Rolgard, one of Kerwin's caregivers from Heaven's Waiting Room was flying in with him. Rolgard was going on to Jacmel to visit his family. We gave him a ride down to the bus station. Kerwin and Mike rode in the back with Rolgard. Kerwin was very excited to see Rolgard. He was also very sad to see Rolgard leave. He cried for a while after we dropped him off. I think this was probably the most confusing thing that has happened to him so far. Everthing else he knew was coming and understod it as part of the process. This was kind of a surprise and a difficult one to understand. After we dropped him off, we went driving around a little more and ended up going to a really neat gift shop in town. We bought a few things and by the time we got there, Kerwin was doing fine again. We went for lunch at this big nice bakery place. They have lots of pastries and goodies but we got pizza and hamburgers and french fries. Then we made a trip to the biggest supermarket I've ever seen in Haiti. We got a few groceries and headed home. We ate spaghetti for dinner and played cards. It poured last night and the lane in the village is flooded again. We also didn't have internet because of the storm

Today is my birthday so we went back to the Visa Lodge to celebrate. We ate lunch at the buffet and went swimming. Then we had ice cream and the internet has just finally started working here at the hotel so I am writing frantically to get done before our ride shows up. Kerwin has been very good and is just starting to get bored.

The paperwork news is that Milande went in to MOI on Thursday to ask about it and they told her to come back Monday. I don't really know what to make of that so I'm just waiting till Monday to draw any conclusions. We'll keep you updated as we hear things.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Sounds like you had a great day! And your first birthday as a family of 3! Still praying for the Lord's intervention for your return home.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday! We are still praying and hope to see all three of you very soon.
Love, Kristin

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Mine was the 19th.

Thought I would let you know that the 16U team came in second at the Regional Tournament. Jordan and Cassandra both did awesome. Ed's team (14U) will be playing in the Championship game today and they should win it all. Regardless, both teams made it to the Championship games. How awesome. These girls will be strong for school ball.

The weather here is fantastic. I woke up this morning and it was 60 and sunny.

Just wanted to let you know how your players are doing.

Hope you get good news on Monday!


Tyler said...

We are home from the lake. Mom and Dad are not back yet. We decided to go ahead and spend last night there even though we hadn't originally planned to. We had the two worst fishing excursions of my life. The closest thing we came to catching were the bats flying over our heads. But over all we had a nice time. We played Apples to Apples and the dice game last night. Dad and Tyler were the winners. We had a nice time with Braden and Shannon. Mom showed us a cottage for sale that she fell in love with. I'm sure she will tell you all about it. It was very nice and comes furnished with Italian leather sofa and all. We had great weather.

I hope you had a fun birthday. We missed you. I guess you get to pick were you want to eat when you get back. Of course you will probably get to pick for a while because we will all go wherever Kerwin is going to be. I hope you get some good news on Monday. We love you 3.

Rachel & Tyler

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you were able to celebrate as a family!

This awesome journey with Christ never goes exactly as we expect. Often He surprises us in ways we never imagined. We can be confident that our God is for us. We can rest in the faithfulness and power of who He is.


Kneeling with you in prayer,
Debbie Brownlow