Friday, July 6, 2007

The good and the bad

These pictures are: Kerwin on the way to MOI, Kerwin after 3 hours waiting at MOI, and Kerwin eating fried plantains tonight at the restaurant. In Kerwin's defense, Mike admitted he was about 10 minutes from crying on the floor.

Today was another success. We had an appointment to meet our facilitator at 9:00. On the way there we found out he wasn't going to make it until 9:30. At about 9:45 we waltzed right into the office, went up stairs, sat down and waited. A few minutes later our facilitator came back with "the man." He must have said something right because "the man" (we are still not sure exactly who he is) came out and told us that he had two others in front of us and then he would see us. Well three hours later, he was as good as his word. He saw us and addressed our document. Barbara had sent us and another family in, each with our own dossier and another dossier. After he did ours we tried to begin with the other dossier. He began but said there was a problem and he could not continue. The next family went in. They had some trouble because the husband's middle name was spelled incorrectly on one of the documents. He said he will think about it but it will probably be okay. Then he told them that he could not process the other dossier that they had brought with them because they did not know that family personally. So, we got our miracle in MOI. We got our interview and it went well.

Now, the bad. We were not sure exactly where the document needed to go from today. We just found out that it still has to remain at that office until it gets signed by five more entities. After that, we will go to immigration which is where the passport is made. How quickly we get through those offices is up to any number of factors which we are told we have no control over. So, hopefully our going in today and his seeing Kerwin and telling him about how we are going to help him will move him to push our papers through the office a bit faster. But again, this is out of our hands into God's. Because only he could make these people move quickly. Barbara is thrilled with our progress today. She thinks it has saved us a lot of time. We are more reserved with our enthusiasm as we are afraid that this may be a longer wait than we had hoped. So, there's the bad.

Thank you all so much for the prayers. God has truly been guiding our steps here in the city. We need his help as much as ever. He has yet to let us down. We will continue to believe.

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