Sunday, July 1, 2007

One more day

Yesterday our internet was down and we didn't have much happen anyway. Mike and I watched National Treasure last night on our laptop. We had both seen parts of it but not the whole thing. We made cookie bars last night and there were some left over. We ate cookies and drank Kool-Aid: so it was a nice "date."

Today we went to children's church. Mike and Kerwin played and watched soccer this afternoon. I spent most of the weekend in the kitchen. I did have a lot of help this weekend so that was nice.

We moved into a new room today. Kerwin' birth parents will be coming tomorrow night to stay at the mission and they are going to stay in our old room. So we moved a day early because the new room is nicer anyway. Kerwin was very excited about packing his suitcase and moving to a "different room." I hope he will be this excited to leave on Tuesday. We are still looking at his picture book every night.

Tonight they are showing a moving in courtyard with popcorn and snacks and they passed out 200 tickets. Kerwin started out wanting to go, but then he got really tired and kind of gave up on it. It's probably for the best. We don't want him getting out of rest and they were showing X-Men which I've never seen before but it sounds kind of scary. (I can here it through the window.)

Tomorrow is our last day here at the mission. We are excited but nervous about leaving here and going to Port-au-Prince. So much unknown!!! Please continue to lift us up in prayer. We will try to update this site as often as we can.


Kevin said...

Mike & Becky

I hope and pray everything will go well for you guys on Tuesday.
Love, Kevin

Lisa said...

We will be praying for you!
Lisa & Chris Wells

Anonymous said...

That is so cuted that Kerwin liked packing. I wonder how much he understands. I'm sure he saw many people pack up and leave throughout his life so I guess he has a clue. I know you will try to make your stay in Port au Prince as much fun as possible for him.

I'm glad that his parents are coming to the mission for the night. It would worry me as well, about them arriving in time for the flight. I wonder, will they bring Le? How did your carrot casserole turn out? I have been a terrible slug this week end. I had so much to do but I just sat around and rested all week end. I need to have company come over. It is the only thing that seems to motivate me to get projects finished.

Most of our old-timer gang is in Hawaii this week. Mom called this evening and I read all your resent blogs to her. She loved the spider story.

We took Pete and Max out for a ride in my car just for the fun of it!! Rick suggested a walk with the dogs and I didn't budge off the recliner so he then suggested a ride in the car and I managed to drag myself to the car. They had a wild time barking at everything and everyone. When we returned and pulled into the driveway, there were two poodles near our house and heading our way. There was also a rabbit in the front yard. Both dogs were going crazy and we were afraid they would bolt out of the car and back out of their collars so we just backed the car out of the driveway and continued to go around the blocks until all was clear. That was our big excitement for the day.

At church we found out that Jolinda Todd ran over the brick mailbox on Wyndham Hills that gets hit every year or so. She and the children are fine. She just got distracted by the children and looked away at the wrong time. The really bad news is that once when it was smashed previously, it was done by their family member that was staying at thier house. Those neighbors are going to get a litte paranoid if this keeps up.

David and Ruth Rambo are moving to Florida. Rachel said the message at their church was all about adopting children. John was encouraging people to adopt as there are so many children in need. They had several couples with their children that had been adopted up front. Rachel said she cried the whole way through the service.

Tomorrow night I am going to an informal rehearsal for the singers. We are singing on Tuesday night at Transy for the July 4th celebration.

Well that's the news so you can tell that things are pretty dull around here without you. We all hope you can return soon.
We love you all.
Oh, we also talked to Tim and Merideth Davis and they know Erin your music instructor friend. They were excited to know that you have been involved with her ministry also.

Anonymous said...

Becky, be assured that you all are being lifted up in prayer. We are believing with you. Marcia

Anonymous said...

dear mike and becky,

i miss kerwin so much. its been forever since i last saw him. i just wish i could swing him around again and see that big smile he has when i do. im so excited about all the good news lately!!!!! ive been keeping up with the blog regulerly to see my little buddies adventouris days. ive been praying that god bless your family with the adoption and i believe that he has not only blessed you in the adoption ,but also blessed you with such a wonderful child, and i really think that you two are an amazing blessing in his life. i think hes going to grow up to be strong in himself and strong in christ. i would really enjoy if you emailed me. my email adress is ty!!!!

with love in christ,
justin(kerwins little buddy)