Friday, July 6, 2007

Pictures from the last day at the mission

I'm just now getting to post pictures since it takes a little longer. Here are some shots from our last day at the mission. There is one from music class and several from around Heaven's Waiting Room.

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful to see the children with their instruments. Poor Kerwin, having to wait around an office is not fun for anyone. Rick and I practiced our sign language again today. We are learning a lot of words but I find I can sign them better than I can recognize them when others are signing.
The Coles are hosting a neighborhood cookout in their yard tomorrow eve. We did not need to go to Florence so I was not able to get any books to Denny. I know this is probably a stupid question but.. do you think there is a book stores in P-Au-P?
I hope you have a good time with Denny and will be home soon.