Saturday, July 28, 2007

Okay, we're back

I know it's been several days since we've written. We've had a lot of crazy circumstances and some disappointments that kept me from feeling much like writing. We are now at the hotel. We checked in a day later than expected. The first day we got her with all of our luggage to find that they were full. We had tried to call the night before but none the over half a dozen phone number listed were working properly. So we made a reservation for yesterday and checked in ridiculously early becuase that's when we got dropped off. Then we sat around all day and waited for news from MOI. When we got the news it was far worse than we expected. There is a problem with the legalization of the birth certificate which is going to take many days to fix. Plus, Barbara and all her staff are leaving for America during the middle of all of this so it will further slow the process. I had a really nice big cry yesterday (okay several nice big cries). I slept like a baby because I was exhausted and we woke up today and had a really great day. This is what I have come to terms with and am now preparing myself for. We are not going to make it home by the date on our tickets (August 11th). We thought this would be more than enough time to finish everything, change our tickets and come home. I am not going to be able to take a school contract this year. Kerwin is not going to start school on time. Mike will probably have to go home and start working and I will stay here. We will be together, well fed, happy, safe, healthy, and blessed for the remainder of the summer. We will just be all those things in Haiti. There is nothing that I need to be home for. I am creative and resourceful enough to do what I need to do for my family here. We are only disappointed when things do not meet our expectations. I expected to be home by now so I am disappointed. I am now changing my expectations. I am also changing what I expect of myself. No more muddling through until I get home. We are here now and that is where we must live. Okay, enough philosy. But we are fine and will be here several more weeks.

Okay back to Kerwin. He's doing great. He was extremely excited when he heard we were going back to the hotel. We have had a lot of fun here. He loves the pool and watching TV. We get PBS here and I love the PBS kids shows. Yesterday we watched Sesame Street and today we watched Bob the Builder. They are great for me to teach him sign language with. He still loves anything having to do with sports. I am using this to my advantage. I will make up little worksheets and mazes for him to do and as long as they have a ball or a gun in them, he loves them and asks for more. We also have been making him practice spelling his name and answering questions while playing in the pool. He's learning to name the letters in his name and he copies us in finger spelling it. He can write it with dotted lines and lots of assistance but he is making progress. He knows almost all of his colors. He especially knows blue, red, yellow, and pink. I loves pink icecream. He doesn't really care for chocolate all that much. Today, they were out of strawberry so Mike got him cherry vanilla. At first, he attempted to only eat out the pink parts but pretty soon he just mushed it all together and drank it like a pink milkshake.

The pictures are of Kerwin tying Mikes shoes, Kerwin upstairs at Barb's, Kerwin with daddy at the hotel, and Kerwin playing with the bubble wand. The bubble wand is almost useless now. It started to get low on bubbles so Kerwin took it to the bathroom and filled it back up with water. It just barely can make a bubble now. Oh well, it's a pretty neat bubble wand. We will just have to wait till we get it home to fill it up.

Oh, Rachel (my sister) sent us a bunch of pictures from our house. We looked at them today. Kerwin was excited about the pictures from his room. He especially liked the ones of his toys and of Max (our dog). Mom, I will try to get them to take some more pictures of me tomorrow. Until then...


Lisa said...

We are praying for the birth certificate problem to be cleared up very quickly and things to get back on track for a smooth and quick completion so you can all be home in KY soon.

In Christ,
Chris & Lisa

Anonymous said...

The second picture on today's blog has a fan in the background behind Kerwin. On my computer screen, it looks like Kerwin has a halo. It is so cute (our little angel) and the next picture of Keriwn with the hat is so cute I wish I could frame it. It would be nicer had you not cut Mikes head off but I'm just glad you took the time to put up more pictures.

I'm glad you are feeling better today. We all need a little pitty party every now and then. Now adjust your happy cap, get creative and start teaching Kerwin as best you can. You might want to create a school uniform. When it is learing time, since you don't have a class room or designated location, you will have an outfit that denotes learing time. Than do your best to teach a variety of subjects. You might be able to include another child. That will make it more fun for him.
You could teach the other child English.
We love you and miss you all but we are content knowing you are in the Lords will.

Anonymous said...

that's funny mom thought about a specific outfit. I though that maybe you could decorate or somehow denote a certain chair/table as the school zone. Great minds think kind of alike.

Anonymous said...

To the Haake family,

Remenber I told you that it was a very difficult process process and I know you knew it but specially with the Haitian government it takes a long time. But I see that you guys are determined and determination is the key.

I wish I could be of a help for you guys. One good trick to do when you talk to "the man" show him that you are learning creole it might even become friendly and a better helper.

Hold strong don't give up! "It's only a test you're going through, it's gonna be over real soon!
Keep the Faith don't give up!
For it's only a test".

Enjoy Psalms 139


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Becky,

We're taking a storm break from the beach and catching up on your happenings. Thinking about your imminent return!

1. I'd like to teach the kids some signs in order to be able to say something/anything to Kerwin. I'm assuming you're using ASL or similar with him, right? Any suggestions on what would be good to teach them?

2. Is there anything you need down there that we (1st Alliance Kids) could do as a service to you? It would be a great way to get them involved, give them ownership, and meet some of your needs. Any mailing/package requirements for getting things to you in one piece and in good order? How long does it take?

3. Do I have your permission to pull pics off the blog to use and show to our kids?

4. Could you use some anonymous financial assistance for your hotel and other expenses there? (I've been asked where/who to give money to).

Email me (timd at faclex dot com) with info and details!

Shannon said...

Mike, Rebecca, & Kerwin,

KY is crazy too! There's tons of construction on Nicholasville & Tates Creek Road, which as you well know makes getting around Lexington a nightmare!

The extenstion of Hamburg isn't done yet, so there's always constructions crews around there which also keeps the roads a mess & full of dirt!

It has finally started to rain some, so people's lawns are out of control!

I'd say it's probably good you have to wait a little longer in Haiti! Wait till things are pretty & nice here before you return! :)

God has a plan! Keep the Faith!

Love you all!

Shannon Marshall

E-mail me sometime: