Thursday, August 23, 2007

And then there were three

Erin left to go back to the mission this morning so now there are three of us again. I just talked with her on the instant messenger and she made it back safely. We got up a little late this morning. We were the last ones at breakfast. As we looked out at the pool and the sunshine, we decided to swim first today because it's always sunny in the mornings and then clouds up in the afternoons when we want to swim. Then we often have showers in the late afternoon. In fact, it's raining right now. We had a nice time and it was very hot and sunny.

We ate leftover pizza for lunch today. We ordered Domino's again last night for Erin's last meal with us. Then we had school. We did today's lesson on Genesis 1:1. We worked on memorizing the verse and made a picture of the solar system. It is very cool. We started learning how to play Connect Four today but Kerwin is still a little fuzzy on the rules and the strategy.

The news from Archives is still the same. Come back tomorrow. Barb is back in town tonight so I am going to try to see if there is anything we can do tomorrow to get the documents. No other news here. Kind of a slow day.


Anonymous said...

Hey there! It's amazing watching you guys grow as a family. I know it's been a long, arduous, journey, but the Lord knew you needed this time in Haiti with Kerwin to cement your bond. You've long been the strongest person I know, Becky, so I know you're persevering with grace, as always. I look forward to your return. I will continue to pray that it's speedy. Stay safe, and enjoy getting to know your son more and more each day.

Anonymous said...

We ready every entry, even the long one! We love watching Kerwin and hearing about his progress. He's a riot! We continue to pray for the government to sign the appropriate papers and for safe travel for all of you.

God bless,
Deb & Abby

Anonymous said...

We will be leaving to pick up Rachel in about an hour. She tells me there is a couple trying to bring their child home and like you are running into trouble, and are staying at the hotel. How heartbreaking that your story is repeated over and over again. How heartwarming that those hearbroken persons persevere and gain victory over satan and Haitian government offices.

I hope Denny is there by now and you have a productive week together. As the week progresses, we will decide if I should check into flights. I think the availibility will be greater now that vacation time has ended for most folks.

For those of you folks out there that would like to visit Kerwin and Becky in Haiti, I know she would love to have company any time. The days are long and not at all relaxing. Because Kerwin is similar to a toddler (due to his impairments), she has to keep watch over him constantly.

I also know that Becky is struggling to stay upbeat and dispair in setting in. Please keep those notes and letters coming in. At times she feels that the computer is her life line.

I love you Becky and Kerwin. Thank you Denny for going back over for another week. You and Diane are wonderful in-laws. She loves and appreciates you so much and so do I.