Saturday, August 11, 2007

Slow day

Mike left early this morning. We all had a hard time last night when we were putting Kerwin to bed and saying goodnight. I got up to see Mike off this morning but we didn't bother to wake up Kerwin. Kerwin, Rachel and I spent most of the day painting, playing with Playdough, playing basketball with a pipe cleaner hoop, and eating. Kerwin painted a picture for Barbara and gave it to her tonight at dinner. We enjoyed seeing Barbara, Lawanna, Evens, and all the babies this evening. They came to the hotel for dinner. We did not swim today because Kerwin didn't ever want to. Kerwin misses his daddy. He has asked about him several times today. Each time we just tell him that daddy is on his way home. We will see him tomorrow night on the web cam, hopefully. The hotel has been pretty empty today. A lot of the other adoptive families left today so it's a lot less busy around here. Hopefully, we'll have some more company soon. I'll try to post some more pictures tomorrow.


Lisa said...

Praying that you will all be going home very soon:)
Chris & Lisa

Shannon Marshall said...

I thought of you all day today! I'm praying for you! I miss Kerwins so much but God has a great plan and wow how lucky he is! Your pictures make me so excited to see how much he is already learning! You are so inspiring to so many others!
We love you so much and are praying for SSSPPPPEEEEDDDDD!!!