Friday, August 31, 2007

Shaving cream adventures

I can't believe it's the last day of August. They way I feel the passing of time has really changed. The days don’t seem nearly as long. I am never bored. It seems like just yesterday that Mike left to go home (in reality it was the 11th). I really think that even though we are away from home, he is having the much harder wait.

We've had an interesting couple of days. On a tip from our friend Bonnie, thanks Bonnie, we contacted Dr. Joseph from Northwest Haiti Christian Mission to see if he could help us in any way with our paperwork debacle. Fortunately, he was coming into Port-au-Prince that day (yesterday) and came directly to the hotel to meet us. He said that he did have some friends in the various offices that we were dealing with and offered to take us down to the offices immediately. We talked with Barb and ended up meeting with her down at the Ministry of Justice where our birth certificate is currently waiting for another signature. After a lot of running around from office to office, we found that there really was not much we could do that day. However, Dr. Joseph is friends with an official in the Ministry of the Interior. So, perhaps when our documents get back there, a phone call from him might do the trick. While we didn't actually make any headway with our paperwork that day we did accomplish several things: Denny got to see downtown, Barb got to meet Dr. Joseph who may be able to provide a contact within the MOI, and we have a much better understanding of what is going on with our paperwork (and maybe a little more hope). Even if nothing is moving with the paperwork you just feel more powerful having an understanding of what is happening to you. I appreciate Dr. Joseph's kindness and generosity very much.

We had great news today about one of the other adoptive families that is here, the Grays ( They received David's visa today and are traveling back to Indiana on Wednesday. We have also heard that 40 files were signed out of MOI and have made it to Immigration. This is also good news for a lot of families.

We had fun playing with shaving cream today during school. We've been working on writing capital and lower case letters, learning to separate things into categories, we just started learning a few reading sight words (yes, no, dog, cat) and working a little bit on letter sounds (he can make p, b, f, v, and m with lots of help). Then Kerwin went for a really long swim. Lawanna, the two girls and the babies have gone back to Barbara's village. So Kerwin found some other girls to play with today. There are three girls here that are being adopted by a family from Scotland. Kerwin had a nice time playing with them in the pool.

Kerwin has just started to get the sniffles and sneezes. I think he picked up a cold from one of the girls that was here. They all spend a lot of time playing together in close quarters so it wouldn't surprise me if it got passed along to him. I hope he doesn't get too sick.

Well, it's Friday and Monday's a holiday so we don't expect much movement on things here until Tuesday. We are praying for our papers to be out of the Department of Justice on Tuesday and on to Foreign Affairs.


Anonymous said...

The shaving cream looks like a lot of fun. I know your mom is coming down soon. I think you should include her in the "Shaving Cream Adventures"!

Praying that you get to come home soon.

Anonymous said...

So... I'm sitting it the Fouts/Bussey law offices right now. I am at the receptionists desk. Tyler, Whitt, and Trevor are holding auditions today. They did two last Thursday that went very well. However, today it looks like the first person is a no-show, and the second person's late. Not off to a good start!

I love the shaving cream pictures. They are very cute. Robyn took me, Tyler and Mamaw Sonja out to eat last night for my "Birthday". We went to Garden Ridge afterwards and I got a really cool picture frame that holds 9 (4x6) pictures. I can't wait to fill it up with Kerwin pictures. One of those shaving cream ones might make the cut. I really want you to come home so I can get some cute pics of Tyler and Kerwin together... that's not the only reason that why I want you to come home.

Well, we just got an email from one guy saying that he had a family situation arise. So he isn't coming. AAhhh.

Talk to you later. I hope you have a good day.