Thursday, August 2, 2007

The more the merrier

The pictures are of the sunset last night (not nearly as beautiful in the picture), me heading out the door, and Kerwin and Mike signing 'duck.' Hey, why not?

Today was an interesting day. Kerwin did very well with school today. We learned about shapes and he independently signed his first name, the letters a-j, and the numbers 1-12. Tomorrow we will review this week's lessons.

Then this afternoon, while we were at the pool, a huge group of adoptive parents and kids from one of the orphanages checked in. They will be staying about a week. Kerwin loved having all the kids around. A couple of boys kept climbing up on top the waterfall and jumping in. He just sat and watched them for the longest time. I started to feel bad for him because I knew he wanted to jump in too. But he just doesn't have the balance or strength yet to jump and clear the side. So, we began taking turns throwing our child into the pool. He loved it. We would wait until the boys were about to jump and then throw him in feet first, just like them. He thought it was fabulous. We did it over and over again. He outlasted all of the other kids in the pool and we finally called it a day. It was so great for us to have other adoptive parents here to talk with. It changes the whole atmosphere around here. We'd been the only family for a little while.

I did a big load of laundry today. Actually, I did a small load of laundry but it's so time and labor intensive that it seemed like a big load of laundry. I washed it with bar soap in the shower because the maid threw out our laundry soap which was in a plastic bad and looked like trash. I dried it out on the lawn behind our room. We've been watiching the news a lot: keeping up with the tragedy in Minnesota. Until next time...

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Rachel is coming with some supplies in her luggage. We have cool stuff for Kerwin and fresh clothes for you and Mike.
Sounds like you had a nice week. I'm glad Satan and the MOI were not the victors. How fun for Kerwin to be thrown into the pool. I bet you cannot believe the changes in him from your first day in Haiti on June 4th.
He has grown in so many ways and continues to do so daily. Praise the Lord!