Monday, August 13, 2007

School to pool

We had a typical day today. School in the morning and swimming in the afternoon. We learned about the jungle today and Kerwin painted a really cool jungle picture. Last night we went for a late swim. This was the first time we swam at night. It was fun but cold. There were some other boys in the pool and Kerwin had fun hanging out with them. Kerwin learned to do the "cannonball." Today he jumped off the waterfall at the pool. It's a little bit elevated, kind of like a low diving board. Rachel threw him in and I waited for him down in the water. He loves it but it takes a long time to get him out of the water, up to the waterfall and back again.

Before our swim last night, we got to talk to Daddy, both sets of grandparents, Uncle Tyler, and Robyn on the web cam. It was a lot of fun to see everyone.

No news on the paperwork today. I'll let you know when I hear something.


Anonymous said...

Hello to Becky, Rachel and Kerwin,
We want to see a picture of the water fall at the pool. I can' t believe you are throwing Kerwin off of it. It sounds high!

Happy Birthday to Rachel. I will be thinking about you tomorrow and wishing you a blessed birthday. We are going to have to celebrate really really big when you all get back. A combined party for Becky, Rachel and Rick will have to include all the the favorites.

I told Meridith that Erin was coming in for a visit. And Meridith was telling me that Tim introduced all the children (in children's church) to Kerwin by showing his pictures and teaching them signs and having them pray for Kerwin and all of you.

I wish you could find a place to fly Kerwin's kite. That would be so much fun. I'll be looking for a good spot here at home. A spot with no kite eating trees may be hard to find.

Happy Birthday Rachel!!!

Anonymous said...


We've followed your blog with so much excitement and prayer! I'm agreeing with Nena's request that you can all come back with Rachel.

At worship team rehearsals, we've been praying for you...Andy O has given us his first hand accounts as well.

the pix are awesome, and we are looking forward to meeting Kerwin face to face very soon!


kerry dorrell

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,
We have been reading your blogs & praying for you. I have our whole church praying as well. I see Kerwin is a lefty. He seems to work really hard at his school work. I heard from my mom Sunday morning. Their trip is going nicely. Everything is so high class. I think your grandma is enjoying herself as well Everytime I think of them all on this trip, it makes me laugh. I wish someone could have just followed them around with a video camera. We would have easily won Funniest home videos. Alina starts law school next week. She'll need prayer for that. Tomorrow is her last day of work. Dara & Bill are looking for a house. Not having much luck yet, but there are a couple prospects that they are going to look at tomorrow. The weather here in PA is beautiful today. We had a great weekend. We spent it painting our porch.
May the Lord continue to bless your time with Kerwin. Someday you will cherish all the alone time you had with him, without all the distractions of the rat race back home.
Tell Becky I said hello.
2 Corinthians 12:9
Blessings & love,

Anonymous said...

Hi You Three!
It is incredible to see Kerwin grow right in front of us through your pictures! It's just amazing!! Aren't you so thankful that God created water so little boys could have so much fun??!!

Jacobson Park is a great-kite-flying field trip! In fact, there is a special "Kite Flying Day" in the spring. I bet he would also like the paddle boats.

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"Sometimes we run our way to the finish line. Other times we wrestle our way to the finish line. We run our race well not by refusing to wrestle but by keeping the faith."

"The finish: not merely to end it but to bring it to perfection or its destined goal."

"Whenever we wait, it's because He has something better for us."
( quotes: Beth Moore: Believing God)

God credits faith as righteousness. (2Tim. 4: 6-8)

Love to you,

Anonymous said...

To all of you in the Blog family!

It is so wonderful to hear from all of you. I am having a wonderful time here. It will be very hard when I have to leave on Sunday. However, it wouldn't be hard at all if God allowed for us all to go home together. Becky and Kerwin pray every night before bed that God will help them go home. Kerwin truly looks forward to home. Hopefully his imagination won't surpass what actually awaits him. But I don't think that's possible. He has no idea how many wonderful people love him and pray for him. He will be blown away. Can't wait to see you all. Thanks for your prayers!

Rachel Hisel