Friday, August 10, 2007

Extreme Makeover Haiti

Well the important news is that Rachel and I cut eachother's hair tonight. And with a little color job today, mine's looking pretty decent. I think next we are going to attempt French manicures. We're having fun.

On a different note, today we began to prepare for Mike to go home. We packed his suitcase and all the important stuff changed hands. Now I have to be the responsible one. His leaving really sneaked up on me. Today didn't feel like a Friday. I think because we didn't come back from the beach until Monday night. We kind of skipped a day this week. So, it was kind of weird when we sat at breakfast and started discussing him leaving. I'm glad Rachel will be here with me for a while longer.

Kerwin got a new shirt today. It spells 'cool' in sign language. It's a little large but very cute on him. We painte some cards for the grandparents and Kerwin got out his rubber stamps for the first time. We swam for a little while and then Kerwin and dad played with his bouncy ball for a little while.

The news from Barb is that Mirlande returns tomorrow and will begin working on our documents when she goes back to work on Monday.


me! said...

rebecca, yes mirlande should be back in haiti tonight (friday) as we put her on a plane this AM * she's been with us for a week & she'd a wonderful time (as did we) * praying for you & your family as always


Anonymous said...

Yeah! more photo's. I love them. Your hair cuts are wonderful. Why do either of you ever pay other people to cut your hair? You are both so good at it.

Is it just me or has Kerwin aged years in maturity in just 2 months. He is so much more grown up in his movements and confidence.

"Folks when you see him on camera he acts like he has been with Becky and Mike for years."

The Lord certainly knew what he was doing by giving you these months of closeness. Such good bonding and learning time.

To all who see this, please pray for Kerwin as Mike leaves. He does not have a point of reference for understanding why Mike is leaving and where he is going. He obviously has become very attached to Mike. And what's more is, Mike has become very attached to Kerwin. And just a little attached to Becky also. We are going to have separation issues on both ends.

I pray that the Lord will bind satan and move among the people in this dark and burdened island. I pray that all papers will be processed quickly and they will all return with Rachel on the 19th.

I know that this is an impossible request but the Lord is able to do above and beyond what we hope or ask. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

My love to all,

Anonymous said...

Hey Becky and Rachel!
It's courtney. Well i just talked to your mom today and she told me about this blog, so i figured i would check it out.

The photo's of you guys were sooo cute! Kerwin looks like he is having a blast with you. I can't wait until christmas so we can meet Kerwin! The makeovers you did on each other were really good, next time i need my hair cut i'm calling one of you to do it.

Well i finished my summer class on thursday, hopefully i get an A but i'll be ok with a B. I took intro. to psychology, the class lasted for 5 weeks and my teacher was really cool!

Last night me, mom, and jacob went back to school shopping. I think now i have everything i need to head off to college on the 22nd. Jacob goes back to school on the 27th and he starts football practice next week! He's only an 8th grader but he has to play on the freshman team bc he's over the weight limit. Jacob is now taller than my mom and he is soon going to be taller than me i'm afraid.

Today we are having Jacobs bday party(3 months late) and Wendy is coming home today! Well i think thats all that is new from the Dentlers. My e-mail address is, i'll try to stay in touch! You are in our prayers every night, we hope to see you ALL soon!

love always

Anonymous said...

Hey Becky and Rachel! WOW! Both your haircuts are incredible!! They both look so good on each of you....where in the world did you learn to cut hair?

I am joining your mom in praying for your homecoming on Aug. 19 and our awesome God can do it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Becky,
This is Marcia Murphy. I hadn't been on you blog in a while. I forgot to bookmark it. :( Nena sent it to me. I am glad that Rachel was able to join you after Mike left. Your Hairdos are great!Saturday I am riding with your Mom and Dad to see their lot. Evidentlty, the lot they purchased is close to our lot, but theirs is closer to Jamestown. We have not built anything because I got cancer right after we purchased the lot. I look forward to the ride. Your Mom and Dad are funny.
Dave and I have no idea what we are going to do with the lot. Right now it is just an investment. David got a new Toyota prius. He is so happy. It gets 45-50 mpg. His truck gets about 15 mpg.
The fishing trip was last week. Look at Bob's pictures at
You will see lots of pictures of flat tires. One on your dad's trailer and two on David's trailer.
I am glad you got the web cam. I helped my friend, Ella, get one to talk to her daughter and grandchildren in Romainia.

I look forward to more Kerwin updates!
God bless you all for your good works of kindnes.
In Christ,