Monday, August 27, 2007

Quick update

We had a nice day today. Nothing really new going on. We swam, has school and played with the other kids. We are all going to watch a movie tonight after dinner.

The update from Archives is this. The document is signed but it will not be ready to pick up until tomorrow. If someone understands this please write me back and let me know. So, we are planning to have the document picked up tomorrow morning and taken to MOI. Kind of what we thought was going to happen today but instead it's going to happen...all together now...tomorrow. Then we will go in to MOI on Wednesday and see if we can persuade them to sign our dossier and get us out of there.


Anonymous said...

Praise God, it's signed! We'll pray about the tomorrow part!

Deb & Abby

Lisa said...

Good luck! We will say a prayer for you:)
We are stuck in Parquet...pray for us too!!!
Lisa & Chris

Anonymous said...

We are having supper with Mike tonight. We hope to be home at a reasonable hour tonight and perhaps we can catch Kerwin on the webcam during your supper.
Today was another hot day. I hope the heat wave passes by the time you get home.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like "This is my game and we'll play by my rules.....and by the way, I make them up as I go along....and if you want to keep playing the game with me, well, there's no choice about how you like my rules....."

For all the people who have ugly things to say about America, maybe a window into your world over the past 12 weeks would be enlightening.

Lord, I pray you would allow the leaving of the past and the beginning of a bright new future to happen soon and in your complete power and control. We're resting in Your guiding and providing. If it takes extra power to get it done, we know you will even send in Michael and however many angels it what you did for Daniel and his friends. In Jesus' name.

Love to you,

ps. The Beloved Disciple begins Tuesday night, Sept. 11!