Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Referigerator Art

We arrived back at the hotel Monday evening. Rachel (my sister) arrived Tuesday afternoon. We are so happy to have her. She brought lots of gifts and supplies. The biggest hits so far are the Nerf ball gun, the homemade cookies, the web cam and the new Harry Potter book (for me of course). The web cam is really nice. I got to talk to my mom this morning. She got to see Kerwin and we got to see Max (our dog) and Petey (my parent's dog). It was lots of fun. The other nice thing is that we can talk live. In order to talk on the phone, it generally costs a lot of money per call. This way it's free once you buy the camera.

Today we had fun at school with all our new supplies. Kerwin especially enjoyed the new class we added: Art. Rachel did watercolors with him and he loved it. He made two pictures. The first one was an abstract piece. The second one, I penciled in a baseball field and he painted inside the lines. He enjoyed playing with his new Playdough. We also had fun shooting each other with the Nerf gun. We swam this afternoon but it was unusually cloudy and cool so we did not stay in the water for long. Kerwin got to put on some new clothes and shoes this afternoon. He looks really sharp. The new hightops stay on his feet (most of the time) but he has some trouble walking in them. But he likes them and perhaps if he keeps wearing them he'll get used to them.

Barbara returned to Haiti this morning so we are looking forward to hearing some news on our new birth certificate over the next few days. Otherwise no new info. Mike will be leaving Saturday to head home. Our parents are excited about meeting him at the airport. Hopefully we won't be far behind.


Anonymous said...

Keeping on with the prayers, Becky...Glad to hear of another Harry Potter fan...The Lord keeps reminding me, that somehow He means all this for good and I believe Him. Love, Marcia Burgess

Anonymous said...

Mike, Becky and Kerwin,

Hello from Ohio.
My wife Christy and I met you at the mission in St. Louie in early July when we there with our church.
You were there a few days and were heading somewhere else to work out arrangements. It was nice to meet you and we have been praying for you, Mike and Kerwin. Shannon told us about the blog. We pray that the bcert and other things go faster than expected. The reason I am writing is to inquire how you originaly approached NWHCM about adoption? We are interested in adopting from the orphange in PortduPae. We have five children and live near Cincinnati. We have adopted our son Eli and he has 4 older sisters that spoil him rotten. Eli is five and has downs syndrome and is a blessing to whoever he meets. We loved our time in Haiti and the people we met and can't wait to return.
Thanks for reading my message and God Bless!

Ted and Christy Wackerly
The River Church

Anonymous said...

We need a picture of you with your new hair cut. These pictures are priceless. You need to create a new album for me when you get back. I'm so glad things are going well with Rachel and you all.

Anonymous said...

I received the link to your site from your Dad. I was on the fishing (eating) trip with him and a great group of guys this week. I shared the blog info with Maria (she now lives in CA) so you will probably hear from her soon. Kerwin is an adorable little boy. Good luck and we will keep you in our prayers for a safe return to the good old Bluegrass.

Maria's dad

Anonymous said...


My name is Deb and my daughter Abby and I just got back from the mission. Abby fell in love with Kerwin last summer while in Haiti. She came home bound and determined to find a way to get him to the states. Little did she know God already had a plan. When the mission shared your story with us we couldn't wait to get home to find your blog. We pray for you everyday. I'm not able to attach a photo of Abby and Kerwin from last summer. Possibly you can share your email address and I can share it that way. The picture hangs as an 8x10 in her room and a smaller version covers the speedometer in her car (not too safe I know). I pray that someday she will meet you and Kerwin state side.

The mission was a huge blessing to Abby last summer and to both of us this. We both can't wait to go back!

God's love and blessings
Deb & Abby Norman

rhaake said...

Abby and Deb,
Thanks for your comment. You can reach me at I would love to see the picture of you and Kerwin and we would be happy to keep in touch. Thanks so much.