Sunday, August 5, 2007

At the beach

We made it to the beach. The beach area is mostly rocky but we did find a small patch of sand and we are planning on playing there this afternoon. They also have a large swmimming pool with lots of different depths and swimming areas. However, the water does not look like it has been treated correctly. It's pretty cloudy. And Kerwin ends up with so much water in his mouth when he's swimming, we've just decided to stick to the beach while we're here. Our room is spacious and has air conditioning and running water. No TV but we can get internet access in the lobby area. The food is all buffet style. There is one big eating area that everyone comes to. You can get drinks throughout the day but you can't order food.

Kerwin enjoyed the beach yesterday for a little while but then he acted like he was ready to go. We'll see how he likes it today when we go to the more sandy part. Unfortunately, we don't have any "beachy" toys: buckets, shovels, etc. We'll just have to make the best of it. The other kids we are here with are a little older and have these really hand-held video games and MP3 players. Kerwin thinks they are the coolest things.

The pictures are of Kerwin playing the video game, our room, the cloudy pool, the eating area and the beach. We'll try to take a lot more pictures today.


Anonymous said...

Becky, I just finished reading the book, "Restavec". Your beach pictures show a beautiful serene scene but the reality of Haiti is very very ugly. Rachel is so excited about coming to join you. We are going shopping again this afternoon to pick up a few more things. I will be taking her to the airport on Tuesday at 3:30 AM. Not looking forward to that day.
I fell and bumped my head yesterday on Rachels hammock. I was working in the yard and it was so hot I had to sit down because I felt like I was going to black out. The only place to sit in the shade was her hammock and as soon as I sat down, it flipped and my head hit the concrete patio.
I've had a head ache ever since but I iced it and do not have a major lump.
Rick left at 11:00 Am today for his annual fishing trip with the guys. He is pulling his boat. We had the automated bilge pump installed this week. Tyler is in Philadelphia and Rachel leaves Tuesday. That means I will have one peaceful day (Wed) before Rick returns.
My head is full of wonderful ideas and ways to "spoil" Kerwin. My most recent idea was a hot air balloon ride. Wouldn't he love it! Maybe it's not a good idea. Perhaps thats just the bump on my head talking.
We are going hunting for a kite this afternoon. They are not easy to find in this area at this time of the year. But if we find it, Rachel will bring it, and he will have fun trying to fly it.
I know he is making great strides with his learning and communicating, but how is he doing with his walking. Has he made any progress with walking more normally with his heals touching the ground?
Mike, we are looking forward to seeing you soon. I know Max misses your walks. He has picked up a few pounds but compared to Pete, he still looks svelte.

mom h. said...

Hope you all enjoy your weekend at the beach.Alittle change of scenery is. always nice.Dad is in Pittsburgh now.Grandma &I went to church today.Rev.Muzny included all three of you in our morning prayer.You are covered from here to Lexington plus all your family in Penn.and the power of all your friends too.So happy that Rachel will soon be with you too.Love to all of you.Mom H.

Anonymous said...

I'm just about ready to go. I had to do some lugguage rearanging because I have got too much junk. My suitcase that I was planning to check weighed 55 pounds. 5 pounds over the limit and I was not done yet. So I am going to have to heck 2 bags AND take a larger carry on. I went a little crazy in the toy section of Walmart.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Lake Barkley. I finally bought some internet access at the marina. Rachel should be arriving soon and I am looking forward to seeing you on the computer camera tomorrow.

It is hotter than blazes here and the fishing isn't too good but we are having a good time anyway. We are leaving to come home tomorrow. Mark Fischer and I went golfing this morning and, while we were out, I heard something about 6 coal miners being trapped in Utah. I had to get online to find out what was going on. I know some of the management involved.

I probably won't be checking email until I get home but, hopefully, tomorrow evening you can catch us up on all the news.


Anonymous said...

Mike, Becky and Kerwin,

Hello from Ohio.
My wife Christy and I met you at the mission in St. Louie in early July when we there with our church.
You were there a few days and were heading somewhere else to work out arrangements. It was nice to meet you and we have been praying for you, Mike and Kerwin. Shannon told us about the blog. We pray that the bcert and other things go faster than expected. The reason I am writing is to inquire how you originaly approached NWHCM about adoption? We are interested in adopting from the orphange in PortduPae. We have five children and live near Cincinnati. We have adopted our son Eli and he has 4 older sisters that spoil him rotten. Eli is five and has downs syndrome and is a blessing to whoever he meets. We loved our time in Haiti and the people we met and can't wait to return.
Thanks for reading my message and God Bless!

Ted and Christy Wackerly
The River Church

Anonymous said...

Hello from Ohio part 2....

I should probably leave my email because I'm not sure how you will respond.

Thanks, Ted and Christy Wackerly