Saturday, August 25, 2007

Safe and sound

My father-in-law has made it in safely. We have heard that my sister has boarded the last leg of her trip home. We are gland to have grandpa here. We had a fun day today. We had a play date in our room with some of the other adoptive kids and families that are here. We have a pretty good supply of "kid's stuff" in our room. They all had a really good time. They played with the Nerf gun, Playdough, watercolors, colored pencils, and then we all played Zingo. It was great. All four kids played together. I used the game to teach the three other kids English and Kerwin used his sign language. The kids were so into it. It was really nice to have other kids around for Kerwin to play with, and on our turf.

The word from Barb is that they spoke with the director of Archives on Friday afternoon and he said that he will sign the document and it will be ready for pick up on Monday. My new favorite song to sing is "The sun will come out tomorrow." Except I make up my own words and they never would have made it into Annie. Besides that, we are happy, healthy and extremely well fed. I think Kerwin has gained 10 pounds since we got here. I could write more tonight but I think I'll make you wait until TOMORROW.


Anonymous said...

Rachel is home safe and sound. She was hungry but wanted to wait until we got home so she could go to waffle house with Tyler. She is tired but fine. Her hair looks great. She said you trimmed it again before she left.
I like your song. I can think of many lines for it such as:
"The papers will come out, tomorrow.
Believe that lie and I will tell you another....Come what may.
Just thinking about, tomorrow.
Knowing that the next day will be just like the other. It's Haiti's way."
Love you so much. "Lord bring them home with Denny!" Amen.

Anonymous said...

I am glad Mike's dad made it there safely. I see from your Mom's comment that Rachel is also safely home. Now we just need the three of you to make it safely home. Kerwin looks so happy and cute. I can not wait to meet him!