Saturday, August 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandpa Fishin'

Kerwin's name for my dad has officially been chosen. It's "Grandpa Fishin'" because he is very excited about going fishing on my dad's boat. My parents bought him Grandpa and Grandma books with pictures of them doing all sorts of fun things together. One of them is fishing in a boat. So ever sicne then he has been excited about going on the boat with Grandpa and going fishing. So the name just kind of evolved. Anyway, happy birthday from all of us. We are looking forward to a big birthday celebration for all us us (Dad,Rachel,and myself) when we get back.

Today we found out that Rachel's flight for tomorrow has already been cancelled. Mike and his dad are working on getting it rescheduled but we are not sure what the flight situation is going to be like after tomorrow. Hopefully, they will add some flights to make up for all the displaced passengers from tomorrow. Just pray that she will make it home in time to start classes on Wednesday.

It is 6:00 our time and we still have very little rain, hazy skies, and very little wind. I guess this is the calm before the storm. We ate dinner early so we could head back and close up for the night. We have heard that they are expecting 5 inches of rain in Port-au-Prince. It will be worse in the cities to the south. Please remember the people of Haiti in your prayers. There will be a lot of flooding and with that there is always the potential for loss of life. Certainly homes will be destroyed.

Kerwin swam in the morning but we cut it a little short when one of his water wings broke and he sliced his foot on a on a tile on the waterfall. So we replaced the water wings but he doesn't like the new pair as much as the old ones. And the bandage kept coming off his toe so we just called it quits. He spent most of the afternoon fashioning basketball hoops out of pipecleaners and hanging them up around the room. He also made a rather nice looking crown. We got to talk with Mike, his parents, and his grandmother and great aunt on the video phone. Now we're headed off to the room. We'll update you again when we get the internet back.


Anonymous said...

So, maybe you'll get to come home together after all!!


Anonymous said...

Becky, Rachel and Kerwin,
The boat is officially in the water. We had a difficult time getting everything set up to leave it at Jamestown Marina but we are learning and it will be easier next time.
We had such a good time with Marcia. She is always fun to be with and a good traveling companion. We did not get to supper until 10:00 PM and she never complained.
But at least when we did eat, it was at Cracker Barrel. We saw fish, deer,(a mother and twin fawns) fox, turtle, peacock,
(just walking around wild??) cats, dogs, cows etc.
We got the boat in the water, the trailer near by in a storage area, and got to see Mracia's lot. Very nice area.
We had some delays with a flat tire before we could even get the boat out of the garage.
I am up early getting ready for the Sunday School lesson for the 1st thru 4th graders. We are starting a unit on Moses. I have made a pictoral time line and boy am I sorry I started into it. It has been very time consuming and I had 4 hours sleep for the past two nights. Well, gotta go. Hope you are safe and know you are loved. Love the picture of Kerwin.

mom h. said...

it was so wonderful to see all of you.grandma & aunt b.are still talking about many people are asking about you at church &you continue in our thoughts &prayers.we went to aunt s.for grandma h.birthday.mike brought his computer so everyone could see pictures.we are all so thankful the hurricane has passed by.we enjoyed seeing mike &max.but can not wait until you are all safely home with us.hoping this is the week for good,mom h.

Anonymous said...

it was so wonderful to see all of you on the webcam.grandma & aunt b.are still talking about it.everyone at church is concerned about you and you continue in our prayers,we had grandma h.birthday at aunt s.