Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Making plans

We are kind of slipping into a routine here. This is good because is seems like we are just going to have to get accustomed to life here. I keep reminding myself that. In the meantime we have had several bits of news today. Mike has confirmed his flight home. He will be leaving August 11th as scheduled and will start back to work that next Monday. Even though we will miss having Mike here, in some ways it's a relief that at least one of us gets to go home. That it's still there and we will all end up there some day. Today we also found out that my sister is coming in to visit for almost two weeks. She will be here when Mike leaves and then stay with us for a while after he's gone. I am so excited that she is coming. I've been missing my family for a long time. I must say though, with the internet we are still able to stay very close, even over this long distance. We also confirmed out plans to go to the beach this weekend. It will be fun to get out and get a weekends "vacation" (as if we need one). But we are always looking for amusement.

School has been going pretty well. We are seeing Kerwin learning new things all the time. Each day we practice our letters, writing, counting, computer, PE, and free play time. Then we have a special lesson each day teaching some new concept. The first day we talked about food groups (fruits, meats, vegetables). Yesterday we learned about "feelings." This went really well. Kerwin demonstrates a full range of emotions but he mostly stays in either ultra-happy or whining mode. So we drew some pictures and acted out happy, sad, mad, scared, tired, and frustrated. He loved it. He especially like mad and scared. He thought it was hilarious when Mike would sneak up on me and "scare" me. Today we learned about occupations. His favorite today was pilot. I would have put money on that. He loves planes and we didn't have a professional athlete in the bunch so it wasn't a tough call. Then for free play time he picked Playdough after a little bit of whining because he wanted to get up and leave. But once he got going he didn't want to stop. We made a baseball diamond, a baseball player, a bat, ball, and glove, football goal posts, a football, a football player complete with pads and helmet, a boat, a golf ball, a golf club, and on and on and on. I always say to Mke, "This kid has a one track mind." So he ended up playing with Playdough for about an hour and a half.

Lawanna and Vera (the lady we are going to the beach with) came to the hotel today for lunch. We sat and visited for a long time and Kerwin played with Vera's kids in the pool. He had a nice time and enjoyed having the other kids around. There are not a lot of kids here at the hotel now. Only on the weekends does it really fill up with people and there are lots of kids at the pool.

We know that things are in the works for our new birth certificate to be made. However, we don't expect any breakthroughs for a couple of weeks. As always, we'll keep you posted.


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