Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Another birthday in Haiti

Yesterday was Rachel's birthday. We celebrated by eating flan for dessert and going to the market and buying junk food. After Kerwin went to bed, we sat up and watched episodes of Lost on DVD and ate cheese curls and cookies. Kerwin had an interesting day yesterday. Let's just say he had a lot of attitude. I'm not sure if it has to do with him missing Mike and acting out because he's not here. Regardless we learned three new signs: spit, cheat, and fart. So that should tell you a little something about what sort of day it was.

School went fairly well considering the above mentioned circumstances. He signed the whole alphabet and numbers 1-10 by himself and earned some puppy stickers that grandpa had brought in for us. We learned about baseball yesterday. I drew a picture of the field and we learned names for the positions. Then he got to color the picture for Art. We went swimming for a short time because we wanted to get done a little early so we could be ready for Barb when she got here. She picked us up on her way out of the city and took us to a supermarket where we got stuff to make lunches here in the room and some snacks. That way we can stop buying lunch everyday. Plus we bought some healthier foods than the greasy sandwiches and French Fries we have been eating.

When we got to back to the hotel last night after the market we had a nice surprise. Rachel saw one of the bright orange Northwest Haiti Christian Mission shirts. It turns out Jose, Gigi, and Mikayla were staying at the hotel last night on their way back to St. Louis. We got to sit and talk with them for a little while. It was nice to here first hand about their new baby and how everyone is doing. Both Kerwin and Makayla acted shy at first even thought they are old friends. Then the bread came and everybody warmed up to each other.

We got to talk to our family last night. Tyler had a little birthday party for Rachel on the web cam. He had his own little cup of flan and stuck a candle in it for her to "blow out." Well, Kerwin saw it and thought that it was very cool. So Tyler lit another candle for him and let him "blow it out" on the screen. It was cute. Kerwin and I got to talk to Mike last night before bed. Unfortunately, his computer is not compatible with the instant messenger we have been using so he has to go to my parents' house in order to get on the web cam.

The news on our paperwork is that we are half way to getting our new birth certificate. Barb thinks we will have it by the end of the week and will be going back into MOI next week. Today is a holiday so nothing will get worked on. So hopefully Thursday and Friday will be enough time to get the birth certificate completed. We'll keep you updated.

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Judy Scheiber said...

Love reading the updates! Sounds like Kerwin is being a "classic kid". Know that you are in my prayers, and that I ask for updates from Mom and Dad when I see them!

Hope to see you back in Lexington in the next few weeks!