Friday, August 3, 2007

Short update

Just one picture today: Kerwin and I getting ready to go to the pool. We had another good day today. Kerwin did very well with his writing, counting, and shapes. We had a nice time in the pool. There were several kids there again.

Tomorrow we head to the beach in the morning. We're not sure what the internet access will be like there but we'll update as soon as we can. We'll be back to the hotel on Monday.

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Anonymous said...

We went to see the movie, "hairspray" tonight. It was really funny. It was at the Lexington Green Theatre and it was the sing along version. Well no one was singing along but all the songs had the words at the bottom of the screen. A little distracting but kind of cool.
I'll have to go agian with you when you get back. It's the kind of movie that I'll be seeing several times.
Kerwin "the beach boy" sure looks happy to be going to the pool. You are going to have to get a pool or sign him up for swimming lessons. He is going to miss the pool when he gets home.
Have fun at the beach. I hope all goes well for you and you feel like you are on a real vacation not being held by your abductors the Haitian Gov.